Tiny Spirals is the 44th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Ida Roberthson.

213 route: Play in even step. Go to the top right and collect the fire boots behind the random force floor, and the red key. Get the yellow key behind the fire, then the chip below it. Now move all the way to the right (the teeth will now be released from its spiral) and up. Walk round the top of the area with the trapped pink ball, and go down to the green button and chips, timing it such that the teeth enters row 4 whilst the ball is to the right – this will stop the ball from cloning gliders which will block the route to the exit. Collect the green key, then the suction boots, then enter the teleport. Wait immediately below the leftmost force floor for 3 gliders to pass, then walk round to the exit.

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