The Aftermath is the 66th level of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis.

293 route: Move down and duck past the bug and pink ball to reach the green button. Go through the toggle wall, push blocks 3 and 2 R, then move block 4 3U D (picking up a green key), then move block 1 2D, and push block 4 into the bottom-left water tile. Push block 2 to the right of this (using the green door below the toggle wall). Use the other 2 blocks to reach the red key. Push the green button behind the red door, clone a block, push it into the lower of the remaining water spaces, collect the suction boots behind the teleport, push the green button again, clone 2 more blocks and push them into the water (the second one will go straight across the teleport) to reach the yellow key. Go through the yellow door, collect the chip behind the random force floor, flip the green button and go to the block room. Hold the button down with one block, collect the last 2 chips behind the teleport, and explode the bombs to reach the blue key. Use the last 2 blocks to partial post the teleport, and cross it to reach the flippers. Go back to the green button behind the blue door, and back across the teleport to the socket. (28,17) can be reached, allowing the glider to pass and the exit to be reached.

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