That's Key is the 2nd level in ZK1, and the second of the eight lesson levels. The previous level was about chips, now it's about keys. To score 98, head up to collect the red key, then open the rightmost red lock, as it is closer to the blue locks. Collect the four chips and the blue key, then open the lowest of the three blue locks and take the chips and yellow key again, and head over to the top yellow lock. Open the door, collect the chips and the green key, then go into the upper section. Here, the tile where the key should be is now a chip, since all four types of keys have been used. After collecting all five of the chips, head around the entire level to grab the lone chip, then backtrack around the level again, head down, opening a green lock, and exit via the northeast exit.


ZK1 level 2 solution - 97 seconds01:03

ZK1 level 2 solution - 97 seconds

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