The Teleport Skip Glitch is a rather newly discovered glitch in the MS version of Chip's Challenge, found sometime before December 23, 2007 by David Stolp and used to add one second to the bold time of Skelzie.


In MS CC, all moving objects in a turn are processed in the order of: voluntary moves, monsters, involuntary moves, and objects on the sliplist. Chip's Challenge does not read teleports on the grid's lower layer, including those originally designed to be on the lower layer, but also teleports currently occupied by another object. Chip normally moves after the sliplist, but Chip's Challenge reads a mouse click as an involuntary move, which can be performed before the sliplist changes. It is thus possible for the next teleport in reverse reading order to be occupied, which triggers the glitch: the game ignores the teleport as if it did not exist or was blocked, and checks the next available teleport, if any.

For this to occur, Chip has to have just left a sliding tile such that he can enter the teleport before the monster leaves the sliplist. The click must move Chip directly into a teleport such that his move is into the teleport, and any further move(s) before the collision must be caused by the same mouse click and be through another teleport such that the same situation applies on the next turn.



To get to the exit in the fastest way possible, Chip clicks the square UL from where he is standing, such that he first moves [1/2] *[-U >L]. This utilizes a special property of mouse clicks in that if the primary direction of the mouse click is blocked, the other is immediately selected on the next turn. This is related to the primary and secondary keystrokes from Lynx.

During this time period, the pink ball waits its initial [1] and is entering the teleport. On Chip's side, the boosting makes up for the lost [1], such that the ball and Chip arrive at teleport 4 at the same time; since the mouse click still controls Chip's *R move, Chip slides >R into teleport 1 but out of teleport 3, and ends in the exit.

Other uses

In Graduation from CCLP1, Chip must enter a teleport towards the end in a room with teeth. The designer intended for Chip to walk around the corridor to the other side of the second teleport so as to teleport U into the exit area, but if Chip releases a teeth, enters the first teleport, and then clicks on the second teleport at the moment the teeth is scheduled to enter the first teleport, Chip will slide across (there are no other teleports in the level) instead of teleporting back to the teeth room. This saves two seconds relative to solutions which do not use the glitch.

Using the glitch

At this writing, Tile World does not recognize the Teleport Skip Glitch because the properties of the mouse click in Tile World are not the same as in MS; TW users cannot reach bolds that require the glitch because the different timing makes it impossible to enter an occupied teleport. Even when using MS, the player must be careful to respond quickly and to hit the arrow keys firmly once the work of the mouse is done, as with any other use of the mouse.

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