Stress Fracture is the 113th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis.

407 route: Collect the red key and head left as far as possible. Push the block down into the water and step on it. Exit to the left and push the top block into the water (do not step on it). Walk across to the top right. Push the block right into the water (do not step on it). Walk down the recessed walls, open the red door, push the block into the water, step on it, press the green button and walk across the walls to reach the green key. Press the red button, come out and open the green door in the bottom right. Clear the dirt behind the tank, walk up (collecting the skates and blue key), push the block across the water, then push the top block through the teleport (it will explode a bomb). Follow, press the green button twice, open the blue door and explode the bomb using the block to the right of it. Now go back to the left, remove the dirt, move 2U then round to the yellow door, and move 5D. Push the red button 3 times, press the green button, then the blue button and collect the chip. Now push the brown button in the top left, wait [1], collect the chip below, then teleport RL. Go past the tank to reach the chip at the bottom, then collect the final chip and exit.

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