Snakes and Ladders is the second level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by "Firefly" (real name unknown). There are 36 rooms in a 6x6 square numbered by forwards reading order, mimicking a gameboard, with force floors climbing and descending, computer chips in most rooms, and the occasional bomb hazard.

Move through the rooms 4R 2U, taking all the chips, then R to room 24, directly (2D) and finish room 24. Continue 2U further and leave behind a chip in room 12, then U 4L, leaving behind one chip in rooms 4 and 3 and three chips in room 2 - as the exit is in room 1.

Slide south one room, then LR 2D R and circle counterclockwise through these four rooms, and then jump across the force floor strip in room 20 carefully, as sliding into room 26 will leave the level cooked. (There is a block in room 17 that can remove the bomb that traps Chip inside that room.) Divert directly south to room 25, then continue 2U 4R 2L U 3R U 5L through the remaining rooms and exit.


CCLP3 level 2 solution - 342 seconds01:03

CCLP3 level 2 solution - 342 seconds

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