Ruben Spaans

Ruben Spaans

Ruben Spaans is one of the original Charter Chipsters from when the Chip's Challenge community was just starting back in the late 1990s. He is 9th place in Chip's Challenge 1 and 18th place in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. He created some of the first programs for Chip's Challenge - MapMaker and T-Chip. He also had a CC website that listed the records on CC1 and CCLP2 levels (the data was actually tracked by Warwick Anderson), but it wasn't updated since 2004, so Mike L began tracking the records at his site. Ruben's site had originally started hosting the records pages after Alice Voith's site stopped being updated.

Ruben is Norwegian, and is originally from the city of Brønnøysund, but currently lives in Trondheim. He is 38 years old.


  • Ruben has learned multiple programming languages (including C, Java and assembly language for several processors), and often participates in programming contests.
  • Describing himself as a "hopeless game addict", Ruben has many games from any genre, and on the C64, Amiga, Arcade, PC, Xbox 360, and PS2 systems. He will also give time to board games.
  • As well as games, Ruben Spaans listens to many types of music, which include the extreme metal styles of his native country but extend to pop and kids' humor.

External links

  • Ruben's newer website - also has a backup of his old website, including the score pages which were last updated in 2004.

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