pi.dat is a famous custom level set by David Stolp. It has 42 levels, all of which incorporate pi in some way, whether it is drawn in or, often, being a code required to solve the level, such as the path required as in lesson 3.141592653589793238 or organized chaos.

Notable levels

List of levels

  1. table of contents
  2. lesson 3.141592653589793238
  3. somewhat fair
  4. if it looks like a maze...
  5. matching game
  6. organized chaos
  7. subliminal messages, part 1
  8. subliminal messages, part 2
  9. bugs
  10. jump, chip, jump
  11. shortest distance between two points
  12. the wrong parity
  13. possible
  14. road block
  15. flooding chambers
  16. minesweeper
  17. ode to a cloned tank, pointed the wrong way
  18. mmm...pi...
  19. slide delay
  20. triple maze
  21. one way streets 1
  22. the easy way
  23. pi or pie?
  24. type level name here
  25. sunken treasure
  26. going in circles
  27. waterslide
  28. mice are good for something
  29. disappearing pi
  30. code fragments
  31. one way streets 2
  32. chipmaze
  33. 2 buttons, 8 traps
  34. the hard way
  35. color wheel
  36. too many keys
  37. impossible
  38. did you see the pattern?
  39. the end
  40. but wait, there's more
  41. the most insane level ever!
  42. the end of all time

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Download pi.dat

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