Perfect Match is the 121st level in Chip's Challenge 1. The central section is composed of three fireballs circling around and periodically touching green buttons, which control a fireball clone machine below that happens to guard the exit. If the toggle wall opens for even a very brief period, Chip will not be able to get into the exit.

Since Chip can't enter the middle, he has to either continue to clone fireballs incessantly until they run onto the traps with fireballs ahead of them, causing the Concussion Rule to kick in and stop the green buttons entirely, or to synchronize the tracks to always touch the buttons at the same time. This level was designed by Peter Engelbrite, a member of Chuck Sommerville's CC programming team, who designed it after the now-defunct computing concept of bubble memory: "a string of bits that were continuously rotating around on a circuit" could be programmed to read specific code. [1]

The intended solution is the second one, which requires only 31 seconds. Clone as follows: (2R) [1] (2R) 4R, then push the block half a turn after each of the next two fireballs arrive U from the water, such that Chip uses a spring step to survive and the fireballs, which move before sliding blocks in the move order, will drown. With the fireballs synchronized and the toggle wall closed, go exit.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 121 solution - 968 seconds00:42

Chip's Challenge 1 level 121 solution - 968 seconds


  1. "Interview with Chuck Sommerville, Designer of Chip's Challenge". The Midnight Post, issue 4, April 2006.
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