Patchwork is the 41st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis. Rather than a pink ball dodging level as it appears, Patchwork is simply a maze, as Chip cannot get past any of the balls and they only block passages between rooms, rather than bouncing between rooms, which would require Chip to wait for them. A simple strategy is to place conspicuous tiles where pink balls can walk within a level editor, such as clone machines as were originally used, and read out the route to play the unmodified level with a drastic reduction in distractions.

Travel between rooms and toggle walls (represented by *) in the following order: L U* (chip) R (chip) D L (chip) U* (chip) U (flippers) D* D R (press button twice) R* U U* R (chip) D D* L (blue key) R* R U L (get 2 chips) R R* (chip) U (red key + 2 chips) D* L D D R* (chip) L L L L* (chip) U (chip) D* R R D* (chip behind blue door) R (chip) U R (chip) U* (chip behind red door) U (chip) L U R* (chip) D D D L L D* (chip) L (fire boots + 2 chips) R* R (chip) U L (get 2 chips) R D L* U R R D* (chip) R (yellow key + 2 chips) L* U U U U* L D R D* D L D L* U R U L* U U L* (chip behind yellow door) D D*L (press green button twice) L U* U (get 2 chips) D* D R U L* D D D (get 2 chips) U L to the exit.

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