Paranoia is the 96th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level's name suggests that the player will become distrusting of everything, and downright scared of tanks in particular. Paranoia's hint might add to the frustration: although the fire boots save 17 seconds, they are indeed not required to complete the level.

Instead, Chip must figure out that two blue button presses at the same time lead to no result, which allows Chip to collect both the red key and the fire boots. Once Chip reaches the second row of items, Chip must press the button at the exact time that the tank on the top touches the other button.

This allows Chip to escape the area, slide across the fire, beat the two bugs, then the bouncing pink balls, and then dive into the fire in the next room to collect the four chips (this is one of the big spots with help from the fire boots) In the stack of pink balls, take four chips on the left, then remove the right side and then take the last two chips from below. Now, take the red key to the left of that, use it on the extreme right corridor, then wade through the fire to collect the south, east, north, and then west chip stations. The exit is across the ice space on the left.

Password repetition

This level repeats the password from Four Square in the Microsoft version. This isn't present in the Lynx version, and is likely a simple mistake when the Microsoft version was designed. If the player types BIFQ into the Go To menu's password field, Four Square is unlocked. To unlock Paranoia, its level number must also be entered in.


  • As is noted above, the quickest route through Paranoia that does not collect the fire boots is 303. While not notable enough to be uploaded to ChipWiki, this solution can be downloaded at Mike L.'s site along with the other AVIs.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 96 solution - 320 seconds01:21

Chip's Challenge 1 level 96 solution - 320 seconds

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