Open Question is the 113th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level's name and the (slightly misspelled) hint suggest that the 8th "block" is open. By searching slightly, Chip can determine that this means the eighth blue wall from the left side. Also note that Chip can touch the hint, although it is [2] out of the way, and still reach the 462.8 route because he has to wait [2] for the cloning fireballs.

The route to get to the eighth blue wall is 2L 2D 3L 2U 5L DL 4U, which pads down one dirt, and then D 7R, which gets Chip behind the second block. Break through the wall and approach the bouncing ball section at the top; this is where the chips are. Wait [2] on the left side, then follow this route through the balls: U [3] 4U [3] 6U 4R [2] 2R (2D 3R [2] RD 2R 4D) 2U [2] 12L 3R D [3] R 2D L [2] 6L 2D 2R DRD 2R [1] R 2D [1] 3R 2D [1], and then out and back to the exit.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 113 solution - 462 seconds00:39

Chip's Challenge 1 level 113 solution - 462 seconds

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