One-Block Sokoban is the 99th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Originally an Eric Schmidt level named *This* level has the longest name ever for a CC level, a sarcastic one-uppance of This is the longest name ever for a CC level by Drew Thomas. It is a Sokoban level of a unique type, and uses the same block for each objective. While the solution requires Chip to exploit transparency, the level is not hard at all because Chip really has no choice but to find this out.

Teleport and continue moving the block, and before pushing it to the northeast corner, turn south and move across the extreme south of the level to collect the red key. Move the block against the red lock; since this level has two extra chips, the ones in the dead ends on the bottom will be left behind as they take [2] each to collect. Shove the block U and remove the lock, then move it onto the blue key, erasing the water underneath. The only other option in this area is to collect the key with Chip, and while he will survive the block is then doomed.

Next, push the block to either UL or UR from the blue lock, take the yellow key and stash the block to the unused side, as the yellow lock currently bars its progress. While removing this, Chip will see four extraneous exits in this area, two clone machine fakes and the other two being real, but guarded by water that the block cannot reach. Retrieve the block to access the green key, then carry it back out towards the green lock, finish the chips off and bridge to the exit.


CCLP2 level 99 solution - 269 seconds

CCLP2 level 99 solution - 269 seconds

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