Once Upon a Troubadour is the 50th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis.


  • Along with Vague Dream, this is only one of two levels where the entire level can be seen at once, since the level only makes up a 9 x 9 square.
  • This is the first official level to demonstrate the only permissible flick in Lynx mode: a block on top of a real blue wall. It is also the first CCLP3 level to utilize the Mouse Panel Glitch.

151 Route

Play in even step. Walk D 2L 3D 2R (pushing the block off the blue wall and onto the fire) L 2U to collect the red key (the tank will be sent over the force floors to explode the bomb). Open the red door and move 2D 2R then wait [1] before pushing the block U to trap the teeth and stop the fireballs from being cloned. Push the block above the socket L (using the mouse) then 2D L 3R 2D. Now move the block next to the up-pointing force floor L (using the mouse) then travel over both force floors and pick up the fire boots (the block allows you to do this). Enter the teleport and push the rightmost block down and onto the trap. Press the green button again to shut the toggle wall immediately above the teleport, and push the block onto the teleporter (where it will stay). Now push this block R – Chip will teleport, and the block will bounce off the wall and across the teleport, meaning that after waiting [2], Chip can teleport L and push the block into the water and get the yellow key. Exit via the green button, teleporter, force floor, trap and yellow door.
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