Oh-Ho! is the 77th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Gavin Duncan, who originally named it Pot Pie Pourri.


  • OHHO was the password of the level in the original set.
  • This is the only level title in an official set that is a palindrome.

191 Route

Move 6L R L (2U L) R L 4R [4] L [1] 3L R L then into the teleport. The exits immediately above are unreachable, as the toggle walls will always be closed when Chip is next to them, so move back D then U, collect the 2 chips from the teeth (bottom one first), then remove 2 squares of dirt, wait for the pink ball to move into them, then go into the teleport. Collect the 2 chips in the ice room, then the rest of the chips in the next room. Remove the dirt square, allowing gliders to be cloned. Duck past the pink ball to open the socket and press the green button. Now wait for the gliders to explode the bombs, pressing the green button as necessary, until the brown button is held open, then exit.
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