Objects as defined in Chip's Challenge are tiles which can move, which are technically limited to Chip, monsters and blocks. Other tiles only move in advanced coding situations such as the Multiple Tank Glitch.

Objects run most of Chip's Challenge itself, hitting buttons, removing water and bombs, and performing other menial tasks for Chip (since although Chip is an object, he cannot do some things). Each object has specific rules allowing it certain abilities and writing up its "can"s and "can't"s.

Objects can only be created from clone machines, or by advanced glitches, and can only be destroyed by touching destructive obstacles. All destructive obstacles kill Chip unequipped with the correct boot; bombs kill all monsters, and water and fire kill all monsters other than fireballs, walkers, bugs and gliders in special cases. Blocks are only destroyed by water and bombs.

Things only Chip is permitted to do

Things only Chip cannot do

Things only monsters can do

  • Erase the lower layer of the grid when the upper layer is floor.

Things only monsters cannot do

Things only blocks are permitted to do

Things only blocks cannot do

  • Move independently.