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Now You See It is the 94th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Unlike themed invisible wall levels such as Vanishing Act, Now You See It is constructed of hidden walls and blue walls, which make this level easy unless Chip gets lost. If Chip gets lost, however, the route directly to the exit from the start is 4L 2U 2R 2U 12L 2U 2L 16D 5R 4D 2R 3D 2R 3U 4R 2U 2R 5D 2L U 2L D. The full route is:

  • Chip 1: 4L 2D 2R 2D (2D 4R 2:[2D 2L] 2:[2U 2L] 2D).
  • Chips 2-4: 2U 2L 4U 2R 4U 4R (6R 2D 3R 2U L 2U 4L 4U, 2D 2L 2D 4R [4D 2R], 2U 2R 4D 2R 6D 3R 6D 3L 2D 3R 2D 2L D 2L UL 4U).
  • Chip 5: 4L 2D 4L (4D 2L 2U 4L 2D 2R).
  • Chip 6: 8L 2U (2U 2R 2U 2L 2U 4R 2D 2R 2U 4R 2D 8R 2D).
  • Chip 7: 2L 12D (2L 6D 2R 2D 2L 3D 2R U).
  • Exit: 4D 4R 4D 2R 3D 2R 3U 4R 2U 2R 5D 2L U 2L D.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 94 solution - 906 seconds01:37

Chip's Challenge 1 level 94 solution - 906 seconds

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