No End in Sight is the 84th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Joshua Bone.

338 route: Clone a block and slide down (just ahead of the block). Step off the force floor to get 4 chips and a red key. Clone another block, push the first through the teleport, follow it and move it U, then teleport back, collect the yellow key and chips behind the red door, clone another block, push the second block through the teleport and follow it. Open the yellow door and push both blocks across. Slide back along the force floor, push the remaining block through the teleport and into the water, and collect the suction boots and chips. Teleport back, clone a block, duck out of the way in the alcove to the right, then push the block through the teleport, clone another block, enter the teleport, push the block back through, then wait for the sliding block to create a partial post, allowing the green button to be reached through the teleport. Return and go down the force floor to collect 6 chips (the red key is not needed). Go to the block cloner, collect the last 3 chips, push the left block U, go round and clone another block, push the block through the teleport and follow. Immediately teleport back and duck into the alcove. Push the last block through the teleport, creating another partial post, allowing the exit to be reached.

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