Nightmare is the 70th level in Chip's Challenge 1. All this level really is is a simple bunch of obstacles on the path to the exit; the only difficult piece is the ice rink with the bouncing blocks.

What this level is famous for is the repeated occurrence of the Controller and Boss Glitch. A demonstration of the five failed traps is shown in the provided walkthrough.

To complete the level, just follow the path up to the tank, punch the blue button twice to allow passage through, and then push the first three blocks out of the way and the other two L into the water as Chip passes them by. This allows him to step on the dirt on the way up to the exit. When Chip releases the pink ball, it clones a fireball which forces Chip to hide briefly, but the Concussion Rule will stop fireballs from keeping Chip back forever. When Chip reaches the red key, wait for the bug to bounce off the dirt, and then take the key.

Step over the dirt, through the red lock, and exit. The next Decade Message is then revealed: Chip is halfway through the world's hardest puzzle. If he succeeds, maybe the kids will stop calling him computer breath!


Chip's Challenge 1 level 70 solution - 136 seconds01:05

Chip's Challenge 1 level 70 solution - 136 seconds

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