Mud and Water is the 21st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Joshua Bone, and is divided into two distinct sections: teeth with dirt to the north and blocks to be pushed into water in the south.

210 route: Play in odd step. Move 4D 4R 2L 2D 2R 3U 2R 2U 2R 2U and collect the chips, then backtrack and repeat on the symmetrical left side. Head up and lure the teeth on the sides out, to collect the chips. Now move to (14,7) then move 8L 2U D L 3D R 2D L D 3R 2U R U R U R U 6R D R D R D R 2D 3R 6U L U 2D 8L U 4D 3L 6D 5R [4] 3U 3L to exit.
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