Miscellaneous is the 129th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. The "miscellaneous" puzzles of Miscellaneous include an up-and-down ball elevator which requires Chip to collect the chips at some point to widen the scope of the ball, and a blocked-off green button which Chip needs to unblock and drop a glider onto in order to pass the socket; however, Tyrethali Ansrath just had to leave the lower end of the exit open, which may have been intentional. Chip, however, can sneak in through that area, despite the heavy concentration of pink balls in front of it, and bust Miscellaneous.

The full route through is 2R 3D R 6D 2R D 5R DUR 2D RDL [3] 2L R [1] 2L U. The very instructive no boost route has been optimized out to 459.


  • In Tyrethali's original set, Miscellaneous was simply called Misc, but still had the same bust.
  • Due to this bust, Miscellaneous' record history contains the largest single record improvement in all of CCLP2, from 429 to 592 (+163).


CCLP2 level 129 solution - 459 seconds02:28

CCLP2 level 129 solution - 459 seconds

CCLP2 level 129 solution - 593 seconds00:12

CCLP2 level 129 solution - 593 seconds

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