Mini Challenges is the 116th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Ida Roberthson.

294 route: Exchange keys to reach the chip at the start, then collect the flippers and swim through the thieves to the blocks. Hold down the bottom and top buttons, allowing all 3 chips to be collected. Collect the chip behind the bomb, follow the paramecia round, collect the chips in the recessed walls, then push the block R U to deflect the glider into the bomb, and swim across. Collect all the chips, then clone 3 walkers. With luck all 3 will explode bombs, allowing the red keys to be collected. Now open the top and bottom red doors by the block, push the block U and to the right, exploding the bomb (collect the chips below on the way). Now go through the thief, walk across the red buttons to the chip, wait for the fireballs to enter the force floors, follow and step off at the bottom. Go through the tanks (pressing the first button twice and the second button once), past the blob, then push the block onto the trap, collect the top chip, push the block R, collect the bottom chip, then wait for the bug to pass the top of the block, go down the force slide and push the block to the right while the bug is following it. The bug and block will explode the 2 bombs. Use the blocks in the next room to reach the chips, go back to the previous room, push the remaining block to the left (under the rightmost force floor), collect the chip in the corner, push the block D and all the way to the right, partial posting the top teleport. Slide across the lower teleport, push the block into the water, collect fire boots (it is unclear why there are 2 sets), collect the chips from the force floors and go past the pink balls. Go through the red door and collect blue and yellow keys. Go through the recessed wall to collect the green key and chip, then go through the green door, collect the last 2 chips from the paramecia, and exit.

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