Mazed In is the 12th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Layered with blue walls, punctuating invisible walls and unexpected corridor exits, Mazed In is a difficult puzzle which also requires a good amount of time to complete, beyond Tyrethali Ansrath's usual difficulty level (though it should be said that Mazed In was untimed in its original set). The route is shown in the AVI.

In general, head for the yellow key, then go back to the start and take the blue key, then plow through the blue lock and eventually reach the green key, which will open all the green locks which protect most of the chips. If Chip is not running out of time, the remaining chips should not be terribly difficult.

Tricks and strategies

There are very common patterns through this maze. Every item in Mazed In, except for one protected by a thin wall and two protected by locks on one side only, is located next to an invisible wall. Many of the open blue walls are one space diagonally away from either a lock or an invisible wall. When used well, bold and the level itself both become much easier.


CCLP2 level 12 solution - 354 seconds04:09

CCLP2 level 12 solution - 354 seconds

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