Mads' Rush I is the 38th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. These two Anne Olsen-penned levels, the other being level 71, are two short and generally easy mazes.

At the end of the sliding at the beginning are two boots, one of which is guarded by the gliders and will kill Chip if he gets there as fast as possible. There are two possible solutions to the beginning part: step [1] U and hold the east key all the way over (which is official) or slide all the way to the green button, which is somewhat trickier because the arrow key cannot be held east (at risk of death by fire) until the last two force floors.

Use the fire boots to take a yellow key and sneak past the last glider to slide to the yellow lock. Pick up the green key by the sliding pink ball and wait [3] for the paramecium horde to clear (an exact measurement is ideal given how the monsters are moving and the heightened risk of running out of time if this benchmark is missed), then open its lock and escape to the southwest corner where the exit sits alone.


CCLP2 level 38 solution - 11 seconds00:20

CCLP2 level 38 solution - 11 seconds

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