Madhav Shanbhag is a famous level designer and contributor to the Chip's Challenge community.

Levels in official packs



  • He was on the CCLP3 staff and did a large amount of playtesting and organizing of the set.
  • He developed Tile World 2, which added many much-wanted features since Brian Raiter stopped working on it. The ability to fast-forward, and rewind TWSs was added, a new interface was designed, and storylines could easily be incorporated into level sets.
  • Along with Andrew E., he wrote a program called cclpinfo which can display all the names and numbers of each level in a level set, along with the option to also show the hint, password, time limit, and chips required.
  • He wrote a program called ccdiff which can pinpoint the differences between two versions of a custom level set.
Natural tiles

Natural CC

  • He designed a custom tile set called Natural CC in which Chip walks around in a grass field collecting potato chips.

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