Lot in Life is the 17th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Wes Powers.

Solution: Push the block on the right D, press the red button 4 times, push the block 2R and press the red button 11 times. Move the same block 4L, press the red button 4 times, then move it 4L again. Once four gliders have been cloned, quickly push the other block D and collect the three freed chips. Once 11 gliders have been cloned, you can push that block R onto the red button to stop the cloning. Take the last chip and exit.

86 route: Move 2R 2L 2R 2U L U 7R 2D 5L 7R 2U [26] 2L [10] 2L (5U) 2L (5U) [21] 2L D [2] D, then go straight U to collect chip. Push the nearest block 2L en route to the leftmost chip, then wait [1] and walk along row 14 to pick up rightmost chip and exit.

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