Loop Holes is the 64th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level designed by Dale Bryan consists of 64 cells with monsters circling through, 50 of which contain chips, and mostly fake blue walls serving as the passages through. Some are real, however.

There is also a bug and a paramecium that are following the chips in their rooms rather than the walls; these are located in cells 36 and 37. Since this level is made of a grid, the route will consist of moves through the cells rather than the level.

Play as such: U 3L U 5R DLDR 2D LUL (this is the bug; wait [1] and take the chip) 3D 3L 2U RD 2L 6U 7R 6D LDLU 2L 2U (this is the paramecium; no wait is needed) 2L U 2R, and Chip has solved the level.


CCLP2 level 64 solution - 348 seconds00:57

CCLP2 level 64 solution - 348 seconds

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