Loop is the 98th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level is quite an easy solve for Chip, in Anne Olsen's basic style; however, the random force floors make the bold time tough.

All Chip has to do is follow the paths; take the flippers and fire boots, then the red key and destroy the teeth with the fire, and then the ice skates and switch the red key to blue and yellow. Now, steal the 20 chips, move through the pool and open the yellow lock (the teeth are imprisoned) and follow the path to the force floors. If Chip is any later than the shown time of 70 to the toggle wall, the bold is out of reach.

Take the keys from the gliders and swap the red for yellow and then to blue, and then leave the toggle wall closed before opening the blue lock. Follow to the green button and take the fire boots, then pass the socket and reveal the hidden exit under the floor within the fire, at space [7, 24].

Fix for Lynx

There are four hidden tiles: the exit, a random force floor under the green button (which is unseen) and the gravel under the two keys. Moving the exit to the upper layer and removing the hidden tiles will make Loop playable in Lynx, since Drowned Chip tiles translate to walls. Additionally, the Exit may be moved to under a block, as is done in CCLXP2.


CCLP2 level 98 solution - 37 seconds01:26

CCLP2 level 98 solution - 37 seconds

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