A level set (sometimes called a level pack or written as one word, as in levelset) is a group of levels for Chip's Challenge or Chip's Challenge 2. There are many level sets available.

CC1 sets

Level set data for CC1 is stored in a DAT file. Some level editors give the option to save files as CCL since the DAT extension has a more general purpose on Windows machines. Tile World, a Chip's Challenge emulator, also uses DAC files to store some extra pieces of information, like which ruleset to use and whether to enforce passwords.

CC2 sets

Level set data for CC2 is split between C2M and C2G files. A C2M file contains level map data for a single level. A C2G file tells the game the set's level order and the text to display (if any) between levels.

Level Set list

  • CC1: the original level set for Chip's Challenge.
  • Many custom level sets created by various chipsters with level editors are available. See the custom level sets article for more information and external links to those sets.
  • The level set for CC2.