Jungle is the 63rd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level is a "forest" of green locks with water patches in David Stanley's often artful style, and with teeth added to the mix. The level is made very complicated by the addition of a blob clone machine, which clones very quickly - once every [4] as a pink ball moves (2L) repeatedly onto a red button - and, by the time Chip gets to the northern area, has distributed quite a few blobs around. The player can expect to spend some time on this route.

Odd step is preferred; the AVI shows even step, and will be behind [1] as a result. That [1] will help if you wish to wait on the blobs. The full route is shown in the AVI.

The unconfirmed bold time and Melinda time for this level is 130. The luck required to achieve 130 is perhaps of the same magnitude as the theoretical time on Cake Walk. Otherwise the route is the same as in the AVI, except one second can be saved by picking up the chip closest to the blob clone machine when first coming into that area from the right. This obviously already requires huge luck to just avoid the blobs, and even then the time gained is easily lost on dodging the last teeth. Not losing this time requires two blobs to wonder close to the teeth and deny two of its moves as it is chasing Chip, so that he can pick up the rest of the chips in the most efficient way. Only Melinda can pull off such astronomically unlikely events.


CCLP2 level 63 solution - 128 seconds

CCLP2 level 63 solution - 128 seconds

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