Joyride I is the 107th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level is slightly harder than the previous, because Chip actually has a chance to run out of time if he doesn't watch where he's sliding, and the bombs may be annoying, but overall it's another easy knockout.

To speed things up, step RU to override the force floor in front of the teleport, skipping about halfway through the first slalom. The rest of the route generally stays towards the inside layer of walls, since this keeps Chip closer to the exit and avoids having to move across the columns. Only stay out of the inside layer when avoiding bombs.

This level and its sequel seven levels later were originally designed by Christian Ståhl, and were a blueprint for similar designs later in CC history.


CCLP2 level 107 solution - 6 seconds00:22

CCLP2 level 107 solution - 6 seconds

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