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John Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis is one of the top Chip's Challenge players, being second place in Chip's Challenge 1 (5,977,540), third place in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2 (6,050,640), second place on CCLP3 (6,087,730) and first place on CCLP1 (6,005,360). He has created two level sets: JL1 and JohnL2.

Among his many high scores, the most famous in each set are generally known as the first 306 in Follow the Glacier Brick Road, whose boosting was once thought to be humanly impossible to perform, and the almost inhumanly unlucky 436 route to Blobnet (though strategy, readable on its page, helps out quite a bit).

John's talent, often known as prodigious, is usually best seen in squeezing the last few seconds out of a level, using roundabout routes, efficient block pushing, and laser-accurate monster usage.

John was also the group leader of the CCLP3 staff. Thirty-three of his 99 eligible levels were placed into CCLP3, which was the most of any designer.

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