An item is any of nine tiles which Chip can collect and store in his inventory. The nine items are the four keys, the four boots and computer chips.

Items cannot be moved and can only be collected by Chip. The only other things that can erase items are the Non-Existence Glitch at the start of the game, or generally, other moving objects which pass over squares containing items on the lower layer of the grid: monsters erase any item on the lower layer of any square they enter, and Chip and blocks will only erase items on the lower layer if the upper layer contains a non-floor tile which was not removed by the passage of Chip or the block. However, in Lynx, the blue key can be erased by monsters and blocks.

There are specific tiles which are not items, although Chip can remove them: sockets, dirt, fake blue walls and locks are not items. Chip can also move blocks, and although blocks can remove water and bombs, they are not considered items either.

The only items monsters can pass over are keys, and blocks cannot pass computer chips. Thieves will only steal boots.


  • Although the computer chip is technically an item, only the other eight items are defined as such in the menu of CCEdit.

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