It's a Kind of Magic is the 110th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, and its title probably comes from the band Queen's song "A Kind of Magic". The goal of this level is clearly defined, in Tyrethali Ansrath fashion; move the block at the bottom, three near the top, and one at the top into the path through the center to reach the exit, and the given blocks across the bottom into the water to collect the six chips. However, achieving this goal is difficult because the pink balls are bouncing around everywhere, which could lead to a very unexpected death if Chip is not careful.

Chip is forced to start with >D; circumvent block 1 and move block 3 3D L, block 1 4D R, and now slide >UDUD to a chip apiece and >[U [1] D] in order to reach the correct room. If Chip does not pause, the ball in the room he tries to reach in its current position will create a partial post, sending Chip to the next teleport. Bridge to the chip, then approach the teleport from the side due to a ball coming out, and slide >UD out.

Block 2 will be moved by Chip; continue this D 4R, block 1 4D L, and now send blocks 10, 1, 2 and 3 through the bridge to the exit. Now, go back towards where Chip came out, noting a pink ball that is coming out, and again slide >[UDUDU [1] D], and take the chip. Finally, slide >UD out again, and now carry block 4 2D 4L and to the exit.


CCLP2 level 110 solution - 456 seconds00:46

CCLP2 level 110 solution - 456 seconds

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