Incident on a Bridge is the 68th level of Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Tom Rowe.

383 route: Play in odd step. The aim is to clone a glider in the top-left room and lure it into the bomb guarding the exit. Go into the second room and clone blocks (by luring the teeth immediately above onto the red button) to collect the suction boots. Also push blocks into the lowest 2 water spaces, allowing blocks to be placed at (11,27) and (0,25). Go into the next room and clone blocks (using the teeth to the left), placing them at (12,19) and (4,18). Go into the next room, and place blocks at (20,15) and (25,19). Go into the next room and push the block to (24,4). Enter the final room, move the block to (7,3), push the left button to clone a glider, push the block 3D and return to the start room. From the square 6R 5U from the start position, move 2D (6R 3D) L U (4D) 2U L U 3L 2U L, and bring the block out. At this point the glider should come through and explode the bomb, allowing the block to be pushed over the water to the exit.

Another solution is using a fireball to explode the bomb.

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