Icy Moat is the 61st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. While this level is simple in design in Tyrethali Ansrath's usual style, being a largely symmetrical ice spiral with six different paths to three chips apiece, the boosting is tricky, and 12 "dummy" chips may confuse players.

Circle to the very center and touch the green button, then play south, west, and north for three chips apiece. When Chip returns from the north, touch the button again, then step RU onto the force floor spiral and Chip now has three more new paths to the right. When this is complete, return to the button again and play RU, then U off the south force floor, and circle outwards to the exit. This last move is illegal under Lynx rules; thus, Icy Moat is not solvable in Lynx.


CCLP2 level 61 solution - 421 seconds01:23

CCLP2 level 61 solution - 421 seconds

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