How Goes? is the 22nd level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. It was designed by Anne Olsen.

The chip section is extremely easy; the blue wall section that follows after it is very tough without the generously provided AVI. Fortunately, the green locks are there to help you a little.


All the green locks are used, which gives the player a big hint as to the general structure of the route: it moves west, into the southwest, around through the southeast, and then due north and due west. However, this is not so easy because of the low time limit. Fortunately, up to four mistakes are allowed because the quickest route is 27.8.

Fix for Lynx

The hidden recessed walls do not affect the route, and removing these will allow How Goes? to be played in Lynx.


CCLP2 level 22 solution - 27 seconds01:04

CCLP2 level 22 solution - 27 seconds

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