Hobgoblins and Chimera is the 66th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level, obviously referring to the teeth and bug/paramecium, has many different ways to complete it; there are four directions and two exits on both sides. All paths will work, but only two work for a bold of 233. (Tyrethali Ansrath levels often have more than one solution.) Odd step is required.

Go to either paramecium and collect the chip, then (in the case of moving south) turn right and make sure to get all of the boosting correct, as Chip's goal is the bug to the east, and Chip can only slip by another sliding tank if he does not miss any moves. Collect the second chip, then walk to the middle, UL to over the ice skates, and now collect them as the paramecium is deflected back south. Pick up the west and then north chips, then turn right and open the socket, with the exit above. Chip can also move north to start, in which case the entire route is then reversed.


CCLP2 level 66 solution - 233 seconds00:19

CCLP2 level 66 solution - 233 seconds

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