The ghost is a type of monster introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. A ghost's movement functions similarly to a glider in that it will turn left at any acting wall tile, right if the left pathway is blocked, or backwards if both the left and right directions are blocked. However, ghosts will pass through most non-acting wall tiles, ignoring them completely.

Ghost movement behavior

Ghosts will pass through most tiles, ignoring them completely. These tiles include most wall tiles, cloners, obstacle tiles (aside from water), most floor-acting tiles (such as no-sign tiles and gender-only signs), "time tiles" (time bonuses, penalties, and stopwatches), dirt (provided the ghost does not have hiking boots), gravel, hints, thieves, bonus flags, swivel doors, locks (provided the ghost does not have a key), railroad tracks, the transmogrifier, tent canopies, chips, sockets, and exits.

Ghosts are able to activate switches and buttons, including the yellow button. Ghosts can pick up and utilize most items, including every key except red, boots, helmets, lightning bolts, railroad signs, thief bribes, hooks, time bombs, steel foil, secret eyes, and bowling balls. If a ghost picks up an item, it can utilize said item the same way Chip can. For instance, if a ghost picks up a blue key and then is directed into a blue lock, it will open the door and use the key. Ghosts can also use teleports in the same manner and will pick up yellow teleports when possible. Should a ghost's inventory contain four items, it will drop the first item upon picking up a fifth. If the dropped item is a time bomb, the item will remain inactive and is able to be picked up by Chip or Melinda. However, dropped bowling balls do become active (and the ghost will probably "trip" over it and die).

Ghosts will die if directed into active flame jets, or if hit by a bowling ball or within the blast area of a time bomb when it explodes.

Acting walls to ghosts include the following:

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