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Fun House Rink is the 44th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Basically, Fun House Rink is a long-leaping ice level, although it's a little bit harder than it looks in Eric Schmidt's typical style. The route through is 2L U 3R 3U L 3D R 2L 4U D 3R DR, and then use the skates to reach the exit on the left.

Unsolvability in Lynx

As Chip is unable to override the force floor at [23, 18] in Lynx because he was last sliding on ice, the level is impossible in this mode. To make Fun House Rink solvable in Lynx, add an east force floor at [22, 18] which will permit the override.


CCLP2 level 44 solution - 205 seconds00:46

CCLP2 level 44 solution - 205 seconds

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