Fortune Favours The is the 112th level in Chip's Challenge 1, and it appears the designer to some of these levels was British. The title suggests a finished name of Fortune Favours the Bold or Fortune Favours the Brave.

Fortunately, Fortune Favours The is a very easy level as long as the player knows that some pieces of it are superfluous. Simply play the block that's above Chip into the fireball stream and all the way up to jam the clone machine, enter the bug cloner area (the Controller and Boss Glitch means it probably won't ever clone) and then walk out and around to the fireballs on the left, which leads to the exit at the top.

There are, of course, other solutions; the alternate solution is that of not using the block at all.

The Lynx ruleset would make the level harder as the lack of the Controller and Boss Glitch means that bugs would be cloned into the area with the chips, so the chips should be picked up before jamming the clone machine.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 112 solution - 985 seconds00:20

Chip's Challenge 1 level 112 solution - 985 seconds

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