Floating Plaza is the 110th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis.


  • The Sokoban portion of this level was adapted from level 14 of a Sokoban level set called Microcosmos by Aymeric du Peloux.

301 route

Build down to the flippers, go down to the 2 red keys by the teleport. Wait [1] before collecting the right one, then [2] before collecting the left one. Teleport and collect the other 2 keys (waiting [2] before collecting the right one). Press the blue button twice then go round to the right, explode the bomb with the block (the tank would explode this bomb, making the level unsolvable, if there is any pause between the blue button presses), press the blue button again (the remaining tank will hold down the brown button), collect the chip, push the block down onto the ice and collect the fire boots. Go through the red door, push the block left and explode the top bomb. Push the other block onto the ice and explode the lower bomb (it is probably best to leave the 2 chips in the centre of this room until after the second bomb is exploded, otherwise it would be too easy to push the second block into the corner, making the level unsolvable). Go up to the top, through the fire and monsters, to collect the blue key. Press the blue button again, build up to the blue door, open it, and push the next cloned block to L of the lower tank. Press the button again – the chip and green key can now be collected. Go through the left red door, hold down all 4 trap buttons with the blocks, and go through the other red door to collect a chip and yellow key. Open the yellow door and manoeuvre the blocks to reach the chip (the blue key is not needed and in fact cannot be collected if the chip is to be collected). Go through the socket, press the top green button as the pink ball is travelling to the left, then press the lower green button, and press it again after the pink ball passes. This will leave the ball pressing the tank button repeatedly. Now go through the thief in the top left, and dodge the tanks to reach the exit.

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