Evan Dummit

Evan Dummit

Evan Dummit is the fourth highest scorer in both CC1 (5,977,400) and CCLP2 (6,049,870). Outside of these high scores, Evan is known for EvanD1.dat, which is seen as instructive enough to have its own section in the Public TWS. EvanD1 is generally a very difficult set with tricks similar to David Stolp, but without much of the advanced coding. However, the famous inanity.dat is composed entirely of insane levels, requiring odd clone machine connections, the occasional death of Chip, and ways to generate an exit tile where none existed.

Many bold time routes recorded on AVI and TWS are also credited to Evan. The 947 route through Blobdance at the public TWS was computer-generated by Evan, and although not recorded as an official score, shows additional strategies for dodging blobs.

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