Divide and Conquer is the 128th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by John Lewis.

420 route: The aim is to maneuver the blocks in order to explode the bombs without allowing the monsters out (otherwise they will block access to a chip). Pick up the suction boots and move the top-right block 2R [4*] R, push the other block 3U (which will leave both monsters trapped in the upper room), then duck past the fireball, bring the first block out and push it left into the bomb. Repeat in the other 3 rooms (traveling anticlockwise) – in each case replace the * with however many steps it takes for the fireball to hit the block. Now go back into the top-right room, bring the second block down, go along the gravel, wait until the glider hits the block, and push the block left (with the glider alongside) into the bomb, and collect the chip. Note that the glider will end up on the force floor – however, this will not matter once the chip is collected. Repeat with the next 2 blocks. For the final block, the glider will follow Chip as he pushes the block into column 17, so duck past the glider, go round the gravel and push the block straight up into the bomb guarding the exit.

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