Cra-zy is the 79th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. There's a lot of action within the small space that is "Cra-zy", but the level is very easy to solve; it takes only 6 seconds at best, as Chip only has to figure out some quick teleport sequences to win it. In the original set by Drew Thomas, there was a hint that revealed to the player that the level could be done this quickly.

Obviously, more than one route works; a quick and easy solution is ULDRUDRUL [1] L, circle around and then wait before sliding. In the shown AVI, Chip waits [1/2], then doesn't touch the green button. Chip can also wait a full [1] and touch the button, and get to the exit slightly later, but the route will work more often.


CCLP2 level 79 solution - 114 seconds00:08

CCLP2 level 79 solution - 114 seconds

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