Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4 (CCLP4) will be the fourth official set of 149 levels for Chip's Challenge. Assembly of the CCLP4 staff, as well as discussion about the project, dates back to as early as November 2012; however, the project was put on hold in favor of a more beginner friendly set - CCLP1.

Since after CCLP1's release, it was announced by Michael Warner on November 2nd, 2014 on the newsgroup that submissions for CCLP4 were being accepted for the set, however, at the time no one showed enough interest in such a project.

After CC2's release on May 28th, 2015, there was debate on whether to make any more level packs for the original game or to move on to the first custom CC2 pack. This ultimately led to various amount of polls and concerns on where members of the community stood with the project, with results showing more favor of another CCLP and holding off on a CC2 pack until more custom levels for the game are created.

On October 31st, 2015, it was announced that the project will get underway and thus submissions were officially being accepted. Shortly after, an official staff was formed and testing began. It was also announced that CCLP4 would be another set of 149 Lynx-compatible levels like previous CCLPs and the overall difficulty would be a mix of its predecessors, but not harder than the levels seen in late CCLP3. Deadline for submissions was announced to be March 1st, 2016.

By the close off date, 3,940 levels (including 74 already in CCLP1 and 39 in CCLP3) were submitted for CCLP4 consideration. The actual number of eligible levels is currently unknown, but estimated to be somewhere around 3,000.

On May 28, 2017, the official CCLP4 logo was revealed, as well as a series of leaks on the CCLP4 site for the set's upcoming release. The CCLP4 trailer was revealed on June 21, showcasing the release date of July 14th, 2017.


With the help of J.B. Lewis, community members Josh Lee and Jeffrey Bardon decided to take on the role of co-leaders of the staff. This would be the first time an official custom set would have two leaders as opposed to one. The staff list was announced shortly after submissions were opened on November 2nd, 2015. The list of current staff members can be found on the CCLP4 website.


To narrow down the levels that appear on the ballot, the staff performed a pre-voting elimination from the time submissions opened till voting officially started on July 15th, 2016. These pre-eliminated levels deemed to be either incompatible between MS and Lynx, ineligible, unsolvable, or the level itself did not meet particular standards to be in voting (i.e., tedious, extremely difficult, poorly designed, etc.). During voting, community members had the privilege to nominate any level that was eliminated by the staff and/or did not meet the required amount of "recommendations" prior to voting, which was a minimum of 3. Any level that had 1 staff recommendation would need an additional 2 community nominations (excluding the designer) to get a chance in voting, whereas any level that had 0 recommendations would need 3. It has been announced that this nominating process will end on September 15th and any nominated levels will appear in voting in the last remaining packs. By the close off date, 115 additional levels met their required nomination amounts to be included in voting, bringing the grand total of 1,370 levels to vote on.

CCLP4 voting was conducted at David "pieguy" Stolp's website, David Stolp as the official Voting Administrator.

Packs of 50 random levels will be used for the voting process, like it was done with CCLP1. Like CCLP3, the two categories of voting "Fun" and "Difficulty" make a return to the voting process, however, the difficulty rating is completely optional. It is still encouraged to vote in the difficulty category as to determine how the set will be finalized. At the start of voting, four initial packs were released and once a released pack has a total of 5 votes, a new one is released. An account on pieguy's site is necessary to vote and all voting packs can be downloaded through pieguy's site or the official CCLP4 website.

Voting ended April 30, 2017 at 11:59 EDT. A total of 25,550 votes were casted among 40 unique voters.

Voting Packs

Pack Release Date Number of Levels
Waffle 15th July 2016 50
Elephant 15th July 2016 50
Hillside 15th July 2016 50
Zygote 15th July 2016 50
Ravioli 17th July 2016 50
Microwave 17th July 2016 50
Utility 18th July 2016 50
Kangaroo 22nd July 2016 50
Cobalt 26th July 2016 50
Quagmire 30th July 2016 50
Tornado 6th August 2016 50
Yodel 7th August 2016 50
Longbow 7th August 2016 50
Souvenir 13th August 2016 50
Fusion 15th August 2016 50
Xenon 24th August 2016 50
Bungalow 26th August 2016 50
Gazebo 31st August 2016 50
Platypus 2nd September 2016 50
Justice 14th September 2016 50
Obstacle 16th September 2016 50
Nightshade 19th September 2016 50
Voltage 21st September 2016 50
Dandelion 4th October 2016 50
Acropolis 18th October 2016 50
Inchworm 23rd October 2016 50
Pineapple 31st October 2016 50
Expansion 2nd November 2016 20
Total: 1,370

Timeline of Events

Date Event
2015-10-31 Level submissions opened.
2015-11-02 Staff formed and announced.
2015-11-04 CCLP4 site launched.
2016-01-01 Submission deadline set to March 1st, 2016.
2016-03-01 Submissions closed.
2016-05-16 Level submission fixes close off date set to June 16th, 2016.
2016-06-16 Level submission fixes no longer accepted. Final testing underway.
2016-07-01 Community nominations begin, date of voting announced as July 15th, 2016.
2016-07-15 Voting begins - four initial voting packs released.
2016-09-15 Community nominations end - 115 additional levels make it into voting.
2016-11-02 All 28 voting packs released.
2017-01-26 Voting deadline proposed to April 30, 2017.
2017-04-30 Voting ended at 11:59pm EDT.
2017-05-28 CCLP4 logo and first leaks revealed.
2017-06-21 CCLP4 trailer launched. Release date set to July 14, 2017.

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