Cheap Shots and Dirty Tricks is the 39th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by James Spriggs.

36 route: Move D into the teleport, then collect all the chips along this path, then collect the flippers, walk through the water and into the teleport. As the exit is now blocked by blocks, Chip will slide across onto a red button which opens the toggle walls. Go U into the teleport, collect the first 3 chips and a red key, then travel U to get the green key. From the green key, move D, collect the red key and the other 2 chips in this direction, then collect the remaining 5 chips in the lower-right area (using the force floors at (21,21) and (23,19) to your advantage). From (24,17) travel straight down through the red door (this involves backward-boosting) to reach the top-left area. Go through the nearest red door and collect all the chips and a red key. Exit this room – when at (5,4) Chip can wait [1/2] then push the block R and move U before the block kills him (due to slide delay caused by the blocks that were cloned at the start). Now hold R until (10,4) is reached, then return to (6,4) to get the lower block out of the way, then get the chips in the top room (the red key in this room is not needed), and travel right to return to the lower-right area. Go through the socket to collect the suction boots, then go L into the teleport and walk to the exit.

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