CC Zone (which stands for Chip's Challenge Zone) is an unofficial message board created by Tom Patten for Chip's Challenge, which opened August 26th 2008. It is designed for both casual and hardcore fans of the game, as well as discussing other related games such as Chuck's Challenge and Tile World.

On January 1st 2012, CC Zone was relaunched from scratch as CC Zone: The Next Level, featuring a new download database, member awards, and an image gallery for Chip's Challenge content.


Tom P. originally got the idea for CC Zone when he used to be an active member on a RollerCoaster Tycoon website named RCTSpace under former username RCTtom. He liked the idea of having a large message board with a user community showing off their Chip's Challenge projects, plus having monthly competitions running at the same time for the community. Since Tom P. didn't see anything like this for Chip's Challenge yet, he decided to create CC Zone at first for his own Chip's Challenge projects. But as more members joined the site, he left it open for the rest of the world to share their own opinions and projects within the game.


CC Zone was chosen to be used for voting on Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1 levels back in 2013.

CC Zone award levels

These levels listed below are custom levels specified for CC Zone awards:

Award Description Level Original Set
Blobs on a Lake You have proven that lucky timings can't stop Chip by beating Rockdet's "Bloblake"!


Through the Fire and Flames You have literally gone through hell by beating ManipulatorGeneral's "Through the Fire and Flames" Through the Fire and Flames andrewb1 new.dat
Mmm... Pi(sanity) You managed to keep your sanity intact by 3.14% on beating Pieguy's "The most insane level ever!" The most insane level ever! pi.dat
Cheating Death You cheated Death by beating AdrenalinDragon's "Final Destination" (Version 2, MS or Lynx) Final Destination TomP-FDV2.dat
Lounging Around You managed to move your furniture around the lounge in Quiznos00's "Lounge Act" Lounge Act TS0.dat
The Adventures of Chipchip You solved the mystery of the ship by beating ChipHome5's "Delivery Ship" Delivery Ship ChipHomeIS.dat

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