Breaking the Rules is the 45th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. This level is a very accurate reproduction of a baseball diamond, complete with bases and pink balls trying to tag Chip out. In its original set by Eric Schmidt, the previous level was named Home Run, requiring Chip to just run as fast as he could without stopping, similar to real baseball. Here, Chip has to stop, thus "breaking the rules" in a common type of twist by Eric.

Start with R 5U, then wait a total of [9] for the horizontal ball, and sneak through and run the bases. Beginning with Debug File and seen again here, exits can be hidden under sockets; Chip only has to step on the socket to exit. If it is on the lower layer under any Chip-removable tile or floor, Chip will exit; if Chip starts on the exit, he will have to return to it, as will soon be seen in Tele-Rooms.

Fix for Lynx

The exit underneath a socket is illegal in Lynx rules. To fix the level for Lynx use, move Chip R from his position and move the socket U from its position; preferably, the hint should be moved 2R 2U, since it is a monster-acting wall. Both Chip's and the hint's moves do not alter the level's playing, since Chip has to wait a significant period.


CCLP2 level 45 solution - 138 seconds00:17

CCLP2 level 45 solution - 138 seconds

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