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A blue wall is actually of a teal-blue hue, though the official name is blue wall, and the tile can be one of two indistinguishable possibilities:

  • Fake, which works as dirt: Chip cannot push blocks over them, even if they are indeed fake walls, and monsters cannot pass them.
  • Real, which turn gray when Chip pushes on them, identifying them as walls.

The only way to find out which ones are fake or real is to attempt to step on them, or, of course, to look in a level editor or at a map. In all level editors, Chip can select an option that hides the identity of all blue walls, or one that shows what they actually are; on maps and when specified in CCEdit and CCLD, fake walls are shown as translucent teal squares and real walls are wall tiles tinted with a teal hue.

The difference in ChipEdit's "Show Blue Walls" function is that a blue wall is shown as a wall or floor, rather than the translucent teal square or teal wall tile, which makes a level more difficult to play when interacting with monsters or blocks in addition, but makes blue wall mazes such as Mishmesh, Chipmine and How Goes? much easier to read.

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